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De Paul played right forward today, he and Larsen has been some understanding between the.

fifa 18 coins “I was not surprised at Barak, and when I got him, I learned that it was a player who could play a big role at the tactical level,” he said. Joao – Mario: Inter start of the season is very good
FIFA 18 NEWS Inter Milan midfielder Joao – Mario said the team started this season is very good. Inter Milan League 2-0 win over Spal, the current league they start three victories. In an interview Inter Milan midfielder Mario said: Spal’s formation is very good, this game is very difficult, but for us, the most important thing is to win the game victory. ; We must thank the fans for their support, they wholeheartedly for the team refueling, their performance is incredible, very pleased to be able to give this victory to the fans. ; The team started this season well, it is very positive point. My goal has been to pay more for the team, the team also has a lot of strong players in the array, I have always wanted to pay everything for the team. Maldini: Ansai Bayern take the Champions League is possible, but not easy.
FIFA 18 NEWS Milan celebrity Maldini recently interviewed when talking about Ancelotti and his Bayern. In an interview, Maldini said: Ancelotti is a good man, is a great coach, but I do not know whether he can show this in Germany. Maldini said: he is a very joking man, but he will sometimes be very serious, he is always trying to keep the team in balance, so that the team are satisfied, but he also has a severe side. For Bayern to get the possibility of the Champions League, Maldini said: This is possible, but this is not easy. cheap fifa 18 coins For the German coach Kelop, who coached at Liverpool, Maldini said: “I liked everything he did in Liverpool, as well as in Dortmund’s play. Atletico Grand Champions League List: Gleeszman Fusaric Regression – Tigers International Football News
FIFA 18 NEWS Madrid athletic official announced tomorrow against Rome in the Champions League match list, in the league suspended Gleesmann return to the list, did not get the opportunity to play Fozari also entered the big list, Augusto to continue Due to injury. Atletico Grand Champions League List: Moya, Obraque, Werner, Godin, Felipe, Savage, Fozari, Lucas Hernandez, Juan Flanders, Giminez , Thomas, Cork, Saul, Carrasco, Gabi, Gaetan, Graceman, Torres, Correa, Beatto, Gamel Effenberg: Bayern should be localized, consider 10 German players

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