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Kaixuan Road fifa 18 coins elevator started

Kaixuan Road elevator started in January 1985, completed in February 1986 fifa 18 coins into operation, connecting the first half of the city and the second half of the city, no longer struggling fifa 18 coins climb the stairs. Today, Kaixuan Road, an increase of 12 relief, so that visitors feel the characteristics of the mountain at the same time, understand the mountain city fifa 18 coins. The two-legged crown escalator started in February 1993 and was built on February 18, 1996, with a total length of 112 meters, width of 1.3 meters, a height of 52.7 meters, a tilt fifa 18 coins 30 degrees and 0.75 meters per second. Minutes of 30 seconds, by the upper and lower ladder and standby ladder a total of three fifa coins cheap. Each of the largest passenger fifa 18 coins of 13,000 passengers / hour, is Asia’s second-largest level to enhance the slope of the escalator, “extreme nhl 18 hut coins” reality show and some movies have been shot here, fifa 18 coins “net red” and board A lot of net posts of Chongqing travel Raiders.

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