Gold purity of the three common signs sales staff blowing hype do not buy

The purity of gold, also known as “golden fineness”, refers to the gold content of gold content. The most common gold purity is marked with 3 species.

  1. Score logo

Gold content in the gold products with the percentage, the percentage ratio to that. For example, marked 9999, it means 99.99% gold content; marked 586, it means that the amount of gold 58.6%.

In the gold market, labeled Au99.95 is gold content of 99.95% gold, and Au999.5 gold content of 999.5 ‰ of gold, which is higher purity. Treasure fans to buy Replica Cartier jewelry gold jewelry, a look tag to know friends ~

  1. Text logo

In addition to the score logo, some gold jewelry, gold bars, gold brick will be on the text logo, more simple and clear, only 2 words – gold (gold content of not less than 99.0% of gold).

The state of the gold products on the mark, the tag is clearly defined, generally have to produce the code, the name of the material, the amount of imprint, etc., no such is unqualified products. Treasure fans in the purchase of gold items, did not see these marks, sales staff blowing hype do not buy.

3.K gold logo

Usually people called pure gold 24K gold, so 1K gold content is 4.1666%. All countries have stipulated that the gold jewelry gold content can not be less than 8K, that is not less than 33.328% (8X4.1666% = 33.328%).

But it is reasonable to say that gold content of less than 10K, is not printed K gold logo. If there is a treasure to buy less than 8K of gold products … … not according to national regulations, then you have to doubt it’s true and false.

True gold identification method

As the saying goes: the real gold is not afraid of fire, but you can not really take it to fire it … … gold bullion Fortunately, if it is exquisite shape, complex pattern of jewelry or crafts, that burn The. In fact, there is no need for such trouble, Xiao Bian teach you recipe, so you easily distinguish ~

Look at the color

The higher the purity of gold products, the deeper the color. In the absence of tag, logo, you can according to the color to determine the fineness: deep red yellow fineness in about 95%, light yellow 90% -95%, light yellow 80% -85%, green and yellow 65% -70%, blue with white light for 50% -60%, yellow and white that it is less than 50% gold.

Weigh the weight

The proportion of gold is 19.32, the same volume of gold from , than silver, copper, lead, aluminum and other metals are much heavier. Therefore, the real gold products in the hands will have a heavy feeling, and fake will appear floating.

See hardness

Although the weight of gold, but the hardness is low, with nails will be able to draw a small mark, teeth will also leave a toothbrush (costume drama, often see this identification). So you can use the folding method to identify, pure gold but easy to bend, the lower the purity, the more difficult to bend.

  1. Listen to the sound

The purity of more than 99% of the gold thrown on the ground, will be issued “Pata” sound, no stretch. And false or low purity of gold, throwing on the ground will be issued a crisp “Dangdang” sound, after landing will be a little stretch.

  1. look at the mark

This is the most simple and effective way is to see the tag friends. But now there are a lot of black heart business will be forged tag, imitation stamp, with gold, gold, brass to Chao Chong real gold. So to say, it is best to buy through the formal channels.

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Why is precious stones expensive?

Precious stones, with its crystal magnificent, dazzling, colorful, beautiful and so unique style attracts more and more people, people like it, praise it, looking for it, that it can bring happiness, wealth , Honor and good, quiet Bao youth and beauty. Precious stones, expensive, high-grade high-quality gem is even priceless. Spring and Autumn Warring States period, the king is willing to 15 countries in exchange for the country’s collection of “and the wall.” Showing the amazing value of precious stones, and even caused by a gem of a war. Why is precious stones so precious? This is mainly the following factors.

First of all thanks to the nature of the good Cartier nail bracelet replica fortune. Known as the crown of precious stones, diamond, known for its superior hardness, it is a masterpiece of nature. The gem is the product of the evolution of the earth. Some gem varieties are accompanied by the vicissitudes of the earth and the evolution of billions of dollars, as if two thousand years ago, the ancient Roman scholar Pliny said: “In the tiny space of precious stones, contains the whole of the magnificent nature , Only a gem is enough to show the beauty of all things.

The second factor is pretty. If the gem is not beautiful, it can not be called a gem. The more beautiful the more expensive. A transparent stone, such as ruby, its beauty is also composed of many factors, such as the color of the depth, color is good or bad, texture, transparency and style and so on. For an opaque gem, mainly to see its color, such as jade, look at its color, followed by looking at its style.

The third factor is durable. For gemstones, it is mainly used for people’s decorations. Generally speaking, a gem is worn on a human hand, on the wrist, on the neck, on the head, for a considerable period of time, to keep its luster and its The United States is not corroded, not worn or broken, do not fade, it can be called durable. In other words, in the process of people wearing, such as giving appropriate care, its beauty and luster should be long. In general, the more durable gems, the more expensive. Hardness of more than eight diamonds, rubies, emeralds and gold lime, even if the mosaic of the metal body (such as ring seat) after years of wear and tear, and even no repair, precious stones will fall off the occasion, its gloss can remain brilliant , Without derogatory.

The fourth factor is scarce. Scarce, in terms of precious stones, in determining its value plays a very important role. As a gem, the less the demand for production. The value is getting higher and higher. On the contrary, some gem minerals, more common in nature, the demand is not small, but the value will not be high. Such as amethyst, centuries mainly in Europe, was a precious gem, but later found in South America, a large number of amethyst, its commercial value dropped. Agate also because of the international market there have been a large number of India, Brazil, Uruguay production of agate goods, the price is also a significant decline.

The fifth factor is demand. Demand is also one of Replica Cartier jewelry the factors that make gem prices expensive. If the demand is too large, it will lead to panic buying, there is a hot, can also be called fashion, and finally the price rise. Historically, from time to time there may be a strange phenomenon, was originally a number of unimportant gems, suddenly a great demand, but at other times, it overshadowed. In nearly twenty kinds of precious stones, have appeared in the above situation. Such as amber, in the United States 30 years, after extensive publicity, quickly caused by rising demand. Once became the country’s second important gem, but now, in the real jewelry store to see it less.

The sixth factor is easy to carry. Whether it is easy to carry is also a measure of the value of precious stones one of the factors, it is because the value of precious stones are highly concentrated in a small object, it is easy for the owner to personally, at any time, secretly transfer a lot of wealth. For many years, the gem has basically played the above role, played a hedge against this point, it is far superior to other types of goods.

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The Cartier Club shows the image through the Cartier Art Magazine

1 unified vision, set the symbol

Unified vision, the purpose of establishing a symbol is to highlight the inherent concept of the brand, and the formation of a unique visual style, the establishment of a distinctive image. Cartier mainly from two aspects, one color vision, the second is the brand symbol. A special color belonging to the brand, both to reflect the spirit of the brand connotation, but also to reflect the high-end image, such as Cartier’s wine red, Tiffany’s light blue. A long time, the brand set the color will become the brand’s memory vision. In addition, the symbols can help the brand to create a unique image, such as Cartier cheetah, LV combination, Burbrry’s Cartier love bracelet replica box. Domestic jewelry brand in addition to the name and logo, almost no other elements are unified, the name and logo is also a lack of modern, international elements, the lack of brand grade can improve the visual, more lack of strong identification symbols.

2 sponsored luxury tour, high-end forum meeting

Do the tour, is the best way to showcase the strength of high-end products, but also an effective means of promotion. In the tour, often able to complete large sales, you can also establish a brand image. Through the sponsor can easily find the target market segments, but also the most likely to spread the brand voice means. Cartier not only often sponsors high-end luxury goods exhibition, and every year in the world’s major cities in turn held the “Cartier Art Treasures Exhibition”, show Cartier collection of classic handed down works. Through this form, Cartier not only to show the world its brilliant legendary process, but also lead us to explore the deep art of Cartier behind the deep art world.

3 leveraging the arts, interactive public relations, spread the brand

Buying the top jewelry brand is not because of the value of jewelry itself, but because the spirit of the brand to provide a sense of satisfaction, this satisfaction can not be quantified, and modern art to bring people’s feelings are consistent. Today, many brands are to sponsor art exhibition as one of the marketing tools, it is Cartier to create this precedent. In 1984, he founded the Cartier Foundation, which is dedicated to the creation of original modern art works on a global scale, to support the creation, exchange and display of modern artists, and to highlight Cartier’s innovative spirit and dedication to art. To the extreme.

4 club marketing to enhance loyalty and preferences, increase repeat purchase and word of mouth recommendations

Western countries stressed that “class class”, China also has “things together, people to group points” argument. There are also circles in the high-end group, which embodies the common forms of life, needs, and the way in which they tend to enhance the influence of this class and circle through the club.

The Cartier Club shows the image through the Cartier Art Magazine, while adding loyalty through the reputation of the club, Cartier welcomes the public to join the members, because everyone is the future of possible customers, interactive way to complete the one-on-one marketing. Cartier club marketing purpose is not only repeat the purchase, more to enhance in the class and circle within the word of mouth. Facts have proved that high-end brands have a fixed purchase of the crowd, they decided the brand evaluation system, is the opinion leader, but also public relations object.

5 into the social welfare activities, reflecting the sense of responsibility

China’s traditional concept of advocacy “rich and economic world”, luxury brands should assume the role of social citizens, and actively contribute to social welfare undertakings. From another perspective, high-end luxury brands have been regarded as a waste, luxury Cartier love ring replica and destruction of the environment was questioned by the public, to change this awareness, many luxury brands will be public welfare activities and participation in public welfare as an important brand strategy , Both to change the views of everyone, but also the courage to assume the image of social responsibility, more conducive to win the public’s favor.

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