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Public Security Bureau fifa coins 18

Police reminder: prevention tips “security accounts” in this province is fifa coins 18 to the fraud scam, anti fraud center once again issued a warning, to remind the general public, the Public Security fifa coins 18, procuratorate, court and other judicial organs are not in the form of a phone case; public security and judicial organs and other social units have no direct transfer on the fifa coins 18 line, not There will be transferred through the case; any person to enter the ATM English interface guidelines for any operation should promptly stop; for the stranger calls fifa coins 18 try to confirm their identity, not madden coins disclose the identity cards to strangers, bank cards and other personal information, not to transfer; there is no so-called “security fifa coins 18”, such as fraud caused property losses, timely alarm. Recently, the Nanjing Xiaolingwei police station police Zhang Gonghua on the way to work and arrested a thief. fifa coins 18, he has recorded the physical characteristics of the suspect, and he did not think the way to madden mobile coins for sale “encounter”. On August 1st at 7:30 in the evening,

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