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Slovenia beat Latvia to qualify for semi-finals

NBA NEWS in the end of a European Championship knockout, Slovenia to beat Latvia 103-97 promotion of the European Championship semi-finals. Slovenia player Luka – East Cicchi game 36 minutes, 14 of 14 shots, get 27 points and nine rebounds and one assists and one block; Golan – Dragic played 32 minutes, (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
15 shots in 9, get 26 points and six rebounds and eight assists and one steal; Anthony – Randolph played 34 minutes, 11 of 6 shots, 16 points and nine rebounds. Latvian, the Knicks player Kriste Pars – Boer Jenis played 32 minutes in the game, 21 of 12 shots, 34 points and 6 rebounds and 1 block; Spurs players Davis – Bertens played 31 minutes , 18 shots in 8, get 23 points 1 rebounds and 3 assists and 1 steals. Small Gasol 28 points and 10 boards, Spain beat Germany to qualify for semi-finals _NBA News
NBA NEWS in the end of a European Championship knockout, Spain to 84-72 victory over the German semi-finals. From the Grizzlies of the Spanish players Mark – Gasol played the game 30 minutes, 15 shots 10, get 28 points and 10 rebounds and 4 assists and 1 steal 2 blocks; Spurs players Paul – Gasol played 28 minutes, 15 shots in 7, get 19 points 4 rebounds and 2 assists and one block; jazz player Ricky – Rubio play 26 minutes, 8 of 1, get 2 points 4 rebounds and 8 assists and 2 steals; Knicks players Guillermo – Elnan Gomez played 14 minutes, 3 of 3 shots, got 7 points 4 rebounds and 1 assists and one steal; Nuggets player Juan-Elnan Gomez played 20 minutes, 1 Vote 0, get 2 points and 5 rebounds. Germany, the eagle players Dennis – Schroeder played 33 minutes, 23 shots in 12, got 27 points 4 rebounds and eight assists; Celtic player Daniel – Tesi game play 30 minutes, 11 shots in 6, Get 15 points 4 rebounds and 1 assists. Drazic on Tung Cheeky: He is the strongest of this age group _NBA News
NBA NEWS has just ended a rather intense European Championship knockout, Slovenia to 103-97 Lectra Latvia, (Click to buy fUT 18 COINS,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
since 2009 for the first time in the European Championship semi-finals. Genius teenager Luka – East Qiqi show age does not match the killer character, cut the national team career high of 27 points, grabbed the audience the highest 9 rebounds, only 1 turnovers. After the game, the effectiveness of the Heat in Slovenia leader Golan – Dragic in an interview, for the excellent play of East Qi Qi gave a very high evaluation. “He proved why he was the strongest of the age group,” Drazic said, “not just this age, or even the strongest of all the 18-25 year old players. But he can be so confident to play, he is a diamond in the European basketball.Everyone is very happy to have him, do not understand what I mean, he was a child, still watching cartoons, play with friends, but when “I’m lucky to have him,” said Slovenian coach Igor Kokoskov, adding: “We have a joke in our team that we have helped us in the past few months. Grow to the present level.Obviously, he has an incredible talent, I am very happy to have him.We tell him that his position in this team is that he has never experienced. To have experience, must rely on their own to get, and he played around in the leader of the Golan, which is what we expect to see, he will grow with the team, his ceiling is very high, of course, he also have to continue . L myself, this tournament is part of this process, “the official talk Madison Oakley litigation: very boring, want to attract attention _NBA News
NBA NEWS According to NBA reporter Ian Begley reported that the former NBA player Charles – Oakley has occurred in February this year at the Knicks home game of the civil events filed a civil action, and sued the Knicks boss James – Dolan, Madison Square Garden Company and MSG sports entertainment company. Litigation reasons include defamation, slander and attack. In this lawsuit, Oakley asked for compensation for mental damage and attorneys’ fees. Today, Madison Square Garden official issued a statement on Oakley’s lawsuit: “This is a boring lawsuit, nothing more than Mr. Oakley once again want to attract attention.” We will handle this matter. “In February of this year, in the Knicks and the Clippers game, sitting on the sidelines of the battle of Oakley and security conflict, and then rose to physical conflict, and finally” ralph lauren pas cher, After the incident, the Knicks boss James Doran forbid Oakley once again to the Knicks home Madison Square Garden watch, in Adam – Xiao Hua and Michael – Jordan mediation, the ban has been lifted. According to previous reports, for a long time, Oakley has been trying to quell him and Duolan years of grudges. He had tried to see the Knicks boss on multiple occasions, trying to eliminate the misunderstanding, but his request was rejected again and again. NBA career regular season, Oakley averaged 31.4 minutes played, you can contribute 9.7 points
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